Mor Sports Group were selected as the surfacing contractor of choice to provide state of the art cushioned Pickleball court surfaces for the inaugural US Pickleball Open Championships which were held in Naples Florida during 2016.

The terms of reference for the project were for Mor Sports to convert the existing Community Park sports facilities (which included neglected tennis courts and a rundown skateboard park) into tournament courts to the exacting professional standards demanded by the US Pickleball Open organisers.

The foundation behind the renovation was to radically improve the playing conditions for all Pickleball and Tennis players.


Sprint Promotions/Collier County Parks and Recreation


  • Waterproofing System
  • Guardian Crack Repair System
  • The Decoturf 6 layer cushion surfacing System


East Naples Community Park
3500 Thomasson Drive
Naples, FL 34112


  • 12 dedicated Pickleball Courts on the site of the former skateboard park
  • 12 dedicated Pickleball Courts on a block of former tennis courts
  • 5 dedicated Pickleball Courts on a block of former tennis courts. One Pickleball Court dedicated and used as the Championship Court.
  • 2 new tennis courts and the lines for a further 6 pickleball courts.


All works carried out by Mor Sports were completed on time and on budget to the complete satisfaction of the organisers and Collier County. The courts were prepared in readiness for the inaugural US Pickleball Championships 2016.

The US Open Pickleball Championship attracted 800 competitors and was attended by 10,000 - 12,000 spectators over 5 days.


During February/March/April 2016 Mor Sports Group carried out the essential Pickleball conversion / surfacing works to the existing tennis courts and former skateboard area at Naples Community Park to provide 35 state of the art Pickleball Courts in readiness for the US Pickleball Open Championship 2016.

The project was extremely detailed and Mor Sports worked with closely with the organisers throughout the design process all the way through to final surface installation.

Working 7 days a week, Mor Sports installation teams ensured that the project finished on time and on budget. Comments from all involved in the tournament including the Client, Organisers, Players, Officials and Spectators all agreed that the finished courts exceeded all expectations and complemented the first full US Pickleball Open Championships



Stage 1 of the works involved preparing the old skateboard park base in readiness of the application of the Decoturf system. The dirty, oil stained, cracked concrete slab was in need of specialized repair. A vapour barrier was noted beneath the slab but due to the slabs age, the integrity of the vapour barrier could not be verified.

Therefore, we recommended using our specialist WATERPROOF MATERIAL prior to installing the surfacing system.

It was the ideal product to use in this situation as it was not clear if hydrostatic pressure would be an issue. An additional benefit of the system is that It is also able to fortify weak or porous concrete prior to surfacing systems applications.

The waterproof system was installed as a minimum two (2) coat system. Specialised mixing and application techniques were applied by the Mor Sorts Group in house installation teams to ensure that water transmission barrier and low vapour permeability was obtained.

Applied with a squeegee, the installation teams ensured that the material was worked into the substrate surface to eliminate pin holing.

Stage 2 involved ensuring (as far as is reasonably possible) that the risks of future cracking damaging the new surfacing was avoided. To assist the repair programme, Mor Sports used the GUARDIAN CRACK REPAIR SYSTEM. This is a true tennis court crack repair product that is 300% - 400% more successful than traditional crack repair methods for repairing tennis courts. It combines a high strength adhesive with a highly flexible fabric which isolates the crack. The whole package provides a budget friendly solution for cracked Florida Tennis Courts and other sports surfaces.

This technology allowed us to install the micro sealant system confident in the knowledge that the system would allow the existing cracks on courts to move without breaking the membrane seal.

Stage 3 involved installing the Decoturf Surfacing System to all of the Pickleball courts and the redundant skateboard park. Mor-Sports were chosen for the project due to their established and proven world wide reputation for being the number 1 suppliers and approved installers of the Decoturf System.

The cushioned Pickleball court system is a multi-layered, resilient cushioning system perfect for tennis court surfaces. It is a heavy-bodied, flexible 100% acrylic latex coating, designed with specially selected, highly resilient rubber granules. It is supplied as an unpigmented concentrate to be diluted with water prior to use. It is complete when 6 layers of cushion are applied. This is then coated with Decocolour classic.

The installation process was as follows:

  1. We installed one layer of Acrylic Resurfacer to each entire court existing court surface area.
  2. The next stage was to install onto the Acrylic Resurfacer three layers of DecoTurf II. This is the first part of the cushioned system and is a heavy rubber crumb.
  3. Then onto the three layers of the large crumb system, we installed three layers of DecoBase II. DecoBase II is a fine rubber crumb which makes up the final two layers of the five layer cushioned system.
  4. Onto the installed cushion, we then install a total of three layers of Deco color system. Firstly, two textured coats are laid. The colours can were chosen by the Client and are red and blue.
  5. The color coating is then completed with the application of a finish coat.
  6. Finally, we paint in the playing lines with white line paint.

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