Company Overview

Mor Sports Group are a fully licensed Certified Building Contractor with General Liability Insurance. We provide professional Sports Facility Construction Services including advice at the planning stages, carrying out land clearing, carrying out “Laser Controlled” base works and asphalt through to the surface installation and hand over. As members of The American Sports Builders Association, Quality is our number one goal which is why we employ the most talented craftsman for all aspects of our works.

All of our construction projects and surface installations are overseen by site foreman who are highly experienced and have been in the industry for many years. This degree of site management and attention to detail, alongside customers ability to access our management software systems, ensures our quality standards continue to be of the highest level.

To summarize, all of our works are carried out with the aim of ensuring that the works are carried out to the agreed specification and to the clients complete satisfaction.

Core Values

Mor Sports Group prides itself on installation quality and customer service. Through our core values we ensure that the quality and service is performed to the highest standard possible through every level of our company. We work closely with our clients from the planning stage to ensure all your requirements are met and exceeded. We instill our core values into all our employees to ensure that the work completed reflects our company values of “Quality by Design” “Value Engineering” and our Client Mission Statement of “Right First Time on Time”. These drivers are the cornerstone of all our projects.

Mor Sports Core Values

The Right Stuff

We invest in people, putting individuals in the correct position with the tools to succeed.

Second Is No-Where

Inspiring all employees to achieve the highest standards with everyone working to one goal of making Mor Sports ‘The Best of the Best’

Safety 1 st Not Last

Encouraging all our employees to embrace a ‘Don’t Walk by Culture’ ensuring and safe guarding everyone’s future.


Following our core values for every project of ‘Quality by Design’ & ‘Right First Time on Time’ to deliver growth through customer satisfaction.

Setting the Standard

Creating a culture where everyone works to the Mor Sports Group values.


The Mor Sports Safety Philosophy

The basis of our Philosophy is the development of safety on our jobs through continual improvement via the two disciplines of safety and quality.  Getting the job done is obviously a major factor so when we combine both the disciplines we achieve our company mission of “right first time, on time”……. Safely.

We are a company who are fully aware that we operate in a High Risk Industry.  Therefore, our approach is continually risk assessment based to accommodate all improvements.

The Mor Sports “FIVE Cs”

We ensure the safety of everyone involved or affected by our works by following our safety principal of the FIVE C’s.

1. Competence:

our employee recruitment, training and advisory support is underpinned by performance assessment and management review.  Only competent staff and are involved in our works.

2. Control:

allocating responsibilities, securing commitment, providing instruction and supervision. Our activities are also co-ordinated with others who maybe affected by our work to ensure we operate in a safe manner without risks to people’s health and safety.


3. Co-operation:

between individuals and groups. Seeking co-operation with other persons involved in the construction work ensures that safety is managed at all times.

4. Communication:

Every employee has the right to raise Safety and Health concerns with the Management Team. This effective two-way communication is essential to ensure we work safely. We also allow all of our Clients access to our construction management system which provides daily updates of the “work in progress”.

5. Compliance:

Our policy dictates that we comply with all local and federal regulations. 
Compliance with OSHAS safety standards is a minimum requirement.

Following the five C’s, allows us to recognize that health and safety is fundamental to the growth of our business and is key to ensuring company growth is through customer satisfaction.


We have built up solid working relationships with other companies across the world who specialize in sports construction. We have had the pleasure of assisting these companies on some of the most prestigious projects and tournaments across the world.

Our employees have installed acrylic tennis surfaces at prestigious tournaments such as Melbourne Park, Australia, home of the Australian Open, and over 30 tennis courts around the world. Our installers have travelled and worked on sites such as the German National Tennis Centre in Cologne, Germany. We have also travelled to other countries, taking great pleasure in providing teaching services and on-site experience to both worldwide and local installers instructing them on tried and tested installation techniques and operational methodology.