A little about the process

Mor Sports Group is not only a world class sports construction company, we are also market leaders in acrylic resurfacing. Having resurfaced sports courts worldwide, our company has an expansive knowledge of the industry.

Mor Sports offers full acrylic resurfacing to all kinds of sports courts including:

  • Tennis Courts
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Shuffleboard Courts
  • Multi Use Courts
  • Volleyball Courts


All acrylic sports courts will at some time over the years need re-painting. Commonly called resurfacing, most paint suppliers recommend that this is carried out between 5-7 years for tennis courts.

For pickleball courts which have a high level of play within a relatively small area and therefore more localized wear areas will require resurfacing within a smaller time frame, normally starting at around 4 years.

By carrying out resurfacing to acrylic sports courts, we can enhance the playing experience by adding fresh color to the existing layers of paint which provides a better contrast and other aesthetic values, whilst protecting the base below.


Mor Sports Guide To Acrylic Resurfacing

Our resurfacing process begins when you call our office or fill out the Contact Us section below. We will then work with you to arrange a site visit from one of our experienced sports construction site surveyors at a date and time at your convenience. The site inspection is designed to determine the size, scope and nature of the project and to establish your overall requirements. Our knowledgeable and expert surveyors carry out this service free of charge. All the information recorded provides our estimating team with the required data to be able to offer you a “ best value” and “value engineered” resurfacing quotation.

All of our quotations and estimates are detailed. Each and every option for your resurfacing project is set out clearly for you in writing with no hidden costs. The quotation is forwarded to you via our Project Document System Software which can be easily accessed over via an email. Once you employ Mor Sports to carry out your resurfacing project, you can monitor daily progress for your job through the Software in the form of a “daily diary’” which provides a progress update for you in the form of supervisors notes and photographs.


How we take the extra step

For added long term value, we are able to offer a 3 year guaranteed crack repair system that provides a long lasting solution for the cracks in your court. We have in our stable of products, a long-lasting tennis court crack repair system designed specifically for individual cracks. It is a system that uses exclusive technology to water-proof existing cracks with an overlay system that is installed prior to applying the fresh paint.

This system is designed to stop cracking re-occurring for 3 years.

The system is so unique that Court Owners may not believe it is possible to repair cracks successfully without major reconstruction until they see it for themselves. Many Sports Facilities Owners were frustrated that they have acrylic courts that have been “crack repaired” a number of times without success until Mor Sports repaired their courts with the system.

Our certified expert installers complete the crack repair works to an almost invisible repair which is not affected by weather or temperature.

By using the system on the existing visible cracks, we can guarantee that you wont be affected by:

  • Return of the Crack that has been repaired with the crack repair system (for the visible, repaired cracks only)
  •  Deadspots
  • Hollow Sounds
  • Bubbling

The main benefits are that it is budget friendly, minimum disturbance and a speedy repair and when used comes at a cost of 50% – 70% below major “cut out and patch” re-construction.