Basketball Court Surfaces

Our philosophy is to build not just basketball facilities or carry out basketball court resurfacing works, but to build client relationships that will stand the test of time. We are proud to be able to provide clients with peace of mind, knowing that all of our works are designed with their needs as our priority.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction we use only the highest quality materials, products and people, building you a basketball court which is sized to fit your budgetary needs, including multi keys and half courts.

Fees & Guarantees

Our basketball court services are designed to fit every financial plan. Starting with our most cost effective, competitive resurfacing package, we provide "standard" color coating that may cost as little as $2,000 in the US and £1,500 in the UK, per basketball court.

At the other end of the scale we can also carry out major "championship" net ball court refurbishment and we would be delighted to visit your facility to provide you with our free "no obligation" site visit and a competitive written quotation for this service.

Furthermore, Mor Sports have in place a long-lasting basketball court crack repair system that is perfect for basketball court owners who need a proven, cost effective, guaranteed method of crack repair. The crack repair system can be used in conjunction with any of our Acrylic netball Court Surfacing Packages. Our crack repair system is guaranteed for 5 years.

To learn more about the services that we provide and to learn about our special surfacing offers please give us a call.

Basketball Court Overview

Basketball, one of the worlds most popular sports to be played and viewed, is a competitive sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court.

Full size courts measure 104' x 60' wide (this includes a minimum five foot over run area on all sides of the court).

However, Mor Sports can build you a basketball court that fits your needs, including multi keys and half courts.

Players of all standards expect both the basketball goals and the court/court surface to be of the highest quality.

Therefore, Mor Sports Group offer both a court construction service and the best in a variety of surfaces, This allows our clients to choose their basketball court surface that provides the required level of comfort, grip and shock absorption for their players.

We build outdoor basketball courts to the highest level of quality for recreational facilities, playgrounds, retirement resorts, hotels and motels, and backyards.

Our service is summarised as being able to provide you with a basketball court that features the safest and highest-performance outdoor basketball surface, and the highest-quality components and accessories available.

Basketball Court Construction Services

Our philosophy is to build not just facilities, but also client relationships that will stand the test of time. We provide clients with the peace of mind knowing that each of our courts is designed with their needs in mind.

We use only the highest quality materials, products and people.

We can build basketball courts to the client's exact specification, offering a full turnkey suite of construction services from grading - sub base construction - asphalt works - hoop installation - surfacing - lines to final handover. Works are completed by providing a handover pack that includes site diaries, photographs, construction material details and finally, the offer of a long term maintenance package.

We guarantee the quality of all of our work offering references upon request. We are fully licensed for all the work that we carry out and we are also fully insured. All of our construction and design professionals are employees of Mor Sports Group.

The surfaces that we offer

Mor Sports offers a selection of basketball court surfaces to suit your needs, including: the cushioned DecoTurf system, the high wear, UV resistant DecoColor system, the durable and decorative Acrylotex system and for playgrounds and nursery's our softfall basketball surfacing system.

Cushioned Basketball Court Surfacing System

Our Cushioned basketball Court surfacing system is the Decoturf cushion system. It is a multi - layered, resilient cushioning system perfect for basketball court surfaces.

It is a heavy bodied, flexible 100% acrylic latex coating, designed with specially selected, highly resilient rubber granules. It is supplied as an unpigmented concentrate to be diluted with water prior to use. It is complete when 5 layers of cushion are applied. This is then coated with Decocolour classic.

Non Cushioned Basketball Court Surfacing System

Used with the cushion system, or as a "stand alone" system, The Deco color system is a full bodied, high performance acrylic latex coating. It is fortified with specially selected fillers and is pigmented in eleven standard colours. DecoColor MP Classic offers the advantage of using one product for the textured course and the finish course.

As a minimum, two (2) texture course applications will be provided to give excellent performance results.

All surfacing is completed with the application of a highly reflective 100% acrylic marking paint, which has been designed to ensure that cracking, crazing, peeling, or deterioration does not occur.

Acrylotex Basketball Courts

We provide an extremely competitive cost for Basketball Surfaces, Netball Surfaces, Decorative Walk Ways, Public Areas and Multi-Sport Courts by supplying and using the Acrylotex surfacing system.

Mor Sports are suppliers and installers of Acrylotex. This is the ideal durable acrylic coating system perfect for Basketball Courts, Walk Ways, Pedestrian Areas and Multi-Sport Courts.

With the Acrylotex unique system, it is specially designed for extra long lasting performance on heavily used concrete or asphalt areas. Acrylotex comes in several "eye pleasing" decorative colours to help harmonize surrounding areas.

Rubber Basketball Courts

We provide a softfall basketball surface product as part our playground surfacing systems which are made to the highest standards. The system is mixed and layed on site by fully trained and experienced local applicators.

It is perfect to be installed in children's playgrounds throughout the world, and in all climatic conditions. Due to its porous nature softfall allows playground equipment to be used immediately after even the heaviest rainfall. The system surface will not breakdown, blow or wash away, decompose or hold puddles.

The softfall system has an EPDM or fibre rubber which forms the surface of the system are extremely hardwearing and have very good UV resistance. The rubber comes in several colours allowing for differentiation of particular sections within a playground area.


We can offer a full range of basketball accessories ranging from the standard gooseneck system with a fan shaped backboard all the way up to a fully adjustable powder coated system with tempered glass backboard.

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