Bocce Ball Court Surfaces

Bocce Ball is a sport that belonging to the boules sport family, and is closely related to bowls. Developed into its present form in Italy, it is now played around the world.

It is a social game, having been in existence for over 200 years.

In standard bocce, the balls must be rolled. Therefore, it is played on a specifically designed and constructed court with static sides and a flat and level surface made of compacted crushed stone surface.

Dressed Bocce Courts Marco Island

Dressed Bocce Courts Marco Island

Rolling court in Fort Myers

Rolling court in Fort Myers

Bocce Courts Fort Myers

Bocce Courts Fort Myers


Bocce courts consist of a flat and level playing surface, retained within a 6" or taller perimeter curbing. The dimensions of the court may very between 8' to 14' in width and 60' to 91' in length. The United States Bocce Federation (USBF) recommends that courts used for international, tournament, or open play should be 13' x 91'.

A typical club court may have dimensions around 13' x 76'. Most recreational courts are somewhat smaller in both length and width than the USBF recommends. These would typically be around 10' x 60' up to and around 12' x 70'.

Our Bocce Ball Services

We can provide you with a brand new court or provide a service to help you carry out essential maintenance to your existing court.

Normally, we offer this clay court option. However, we can also provide you with an Artificial Turf system which is simply bonded to any existing asphalt or concrete base.

Construction - Clay Courts

Usually, the sub base, screenings and clay material are contained by a pressure treated wood, concrete block or poured concrete border. The border will usually include a series of drainage holes to facilitate water removal after a rain or watering.

Ideally, clay courts require an irrigation system as they must be moist to be firm. Therefore, we can also often install an automatic irrigation system of 1 or 2 sprinkler heads to irrigate the court. However, courts can still be hand watered when needed with a hose.

Our clay courts surfaces are made finely crushed green or red aggregates with a gypsum binder which, when moist, provide a playing surface that is easy to install and maintain, having a 1" deep surface of clay over a firm drainage base. We initially install clay to a level of 1-1/4" in depth (which compacts to 1" thick) over a firm drainage base of crushed stone (with fines so that it compacts to a firm base yet drains well) covered by 1/2" of stone screenings.

Other Options

An alternative may be Manufactured Surfaces which is an excellent low-maintenance bowling and bocce playing surface.

It is a good looking low maintenance option, providing outstanding drainage properties as well as the year-round perfectly manicured look and feel of an organic grass lawn bowling or bocce ball court.

Having characteristics such as fast play, minimal bounce, and easily maintained, it is fast becoming the sought after choice for lawn bowling and bocce ball court surfacing because of its durability, look and feel, play-ability, and low maintenance benefits.

Overall, our courts are ideal for:
  • Outdoor Bocce Ball Courts
  • Indoor Bocce Ball Courts
  • Backyard Bocce Ball Courts
  • Bocce Ball Courts for Municipalities and Communities
  • Commercial Bocce Ball Courts

Bocce Ball Accessories

In addition to providing you with a first class Bocce Ball court, we can also provide you with everything you need to play and enjoy the game, and to help you with your maintenance needs including:

  • Court Maintenance Tools
  • Bocce Balls and Sets
  • Scoreboards and Rule Boards
  • Bocce Ball Sportswear

We can provide all of your accessory needs whether you a residential client, have recreational facilities, own playgrounds, retirement resorts, hotels and motels, and backyards.

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