Guaranteed Crack Repair System

Mor Sports have in place a long-lasting tennis court crack repair system that is perfect for tennis court owners who need a proven, cost effective guaranteed method of crack repair.

Many owners are frustrated that they have acrylic tennis courts that have been "crack repaired" a number of times without success. Offering a system that is radically different to the tradition "cut and patch" methods followed by most other Contractors, Mor Sports has the solution that you may be looking for.

We Can Offer a Guaranteed, Crack Free Tennis Court

Mor Sports can provide and install a specially designed system that when used, offers a written guarantee from us that cracks will not reappear for 5 years.

When installed by our tennis court technicians we can ensure that the cracks in the tennis court surface do not return.

Our system is so unique that Tennis Court Owners may not believe it is possible to repair cracks successfully without major reconstruction until they see it for themselves.

Tennis Court Refurbishment including Crack Repair

We can install our cost effective, proven membrane crack repair system during the refurbishing of your acrylic tennis court. The system is designed to integrate with our tennis court resurfacing color coating system and is fully guaranteed against the re-appearance of those cracks for 5 years.

This state of the art, tennis court surfacing technology allows us to install an proven micro sealant system that allows the existing cracks on courts to move without breaking the membrane seal.

We pledge that our certified expert installers can repair your courts to a standard that when the installation is complete, the patching works are an invisible repair which is not affected by weather or temperature.

In addition, we can guarantee that you wont be affected by:

  • Deadspots
  • Hollow Sounds
  • Bubbling
Costs Benefits

Our system has the advantage against all of the other outdated methods of temporary repair in that it is proven and guaranteed to stop the original crack from returning.

It's main benefit is that it is budget-friendly, when used comes at a cost of 50% - 70% below major "cut out and patch" re-construction. Unlike the traditional "guaranteed to fail" methods offered by others, our system works, avoiding the re-appearance of cracks.


When clients use our system, we demonstrate our confidence in the product and the standard of installation by offering a written 5 year warranty on repaired cracks.

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