Pro Pickleball Association Private Invitational Tournament 

 Pro Pickleball Association Private Invitational Tournament 


Construction of 1 Cushion Pickleball Court


Fort Myers Florida

Mor Sports was the contractor of the Pro Pickleball Association Private Invitational Event.

In 2020, Mor Sports were invited to bid to install a unique indoor cushioned pickleball court. The project consisted of turning an industrial, indoor concrete slab into a world class cushion pickleball court, in readiness for a live televised professional Pickleball tournament

The Clients brief to all bidding contractors was taxing and included ensuring that the court was completed in good time and be ready for tournament play. One of the stipulations the Client had when choosing a contractor was ensuring that the company chosen must have a track record of successful indoor installations.

After choosing Mor Sports, based on our proven record of proving quality sports facilities both indoors and outdoors, We met with the Client and discussed in detail their requirements, helping the Client understand what would be required to ensure that the court was completed to their exacting specification, and on time.

Having over time 35 years’ experience in installing cushion systems indoors, Mor Sports provided the Client with the confidence that the project would be completed on schedule, on budget and to their specification.

The Clients brief made it clear that they required a court that players will be attracted to and would be inviting for both the players and the huge TV audience expected. One of the most important parts of their terms of reference was that the Client required a cushion system that would provided both player comfort and value for money.

It was especially important that Mor Sports could complete the project by adding sponsors logos.

Ultimately, Mor Sports fulfilled its Client brief and provided a indoor court that is still ensuring that players are coming back time and again.


How the court was completed

The first part of the installation was the preparation of the base. This involved the installation of our unique bonding system that is designed to ensure a permanent “glue” between the base and the cushion system.

As always, the build up of the cushion system was tailored to satisfy the Clients requirements and budget.

We installed a preparation layer called Acrylic Resurfacer to the entire area to provide the perfect base for the cushion layers. The next stage was to install onto the Acrylic Resurfacer a number of layers of heavy cushion crumb and ontop of tha,t we installed layers of fine cushion crumb.

Onto the installed cushion, we then install the textured color system. As always, the colors were chosen by the Client. The colors selected provided both a superb playing characteristics and an all round attractive and aesthetically pleasing indoor pickleball court. Another important factor was that the colors were perfect for the tv audience to pick out the fact moving ball.

Finally, we painted in the playing lines with white textured line paint and also installed the Clients logos.

In summary, the successful installation is of indoor courts is always dependent upon a number of factors such as heat, ventilation, humidity, curing times application techniques and many other factors. Mor Sports having installed indoor courts around the world have vast experiences in managing all of these factors, enabling us to provide a winning and long lasting indoor court for the Client.


This project comprised of the following:

Prep Existing Base & Install Resurfacer

Install Cushion System

Install Color

Install Pickleball Lines & Logos

Project Completion