US Open Pickleball Championship 

 US Open Pickleball Championship 


Construction of 10 Cushion Pickleball Courts


3500 Thomasson Drive, Naples, Florida

Mor Sports Contracted US Open Pickleball Championships Amenities

Mor Sports are the official contractor of the US Open Pickleball Championship; we have constructed and surfaced all the courts at the Home of Pickleball at The Community Park in Naples. In January 2020 we constructed an additional 10 cushion pickleball courts at the facility.

We were selected as the surfacing contractor of choice to provide state of the art cushioned Pickleball court surfaces for the inaugural US Pickleball Open Championships which were held in Naples Florida during 2016.

Subsequently, we were appointed as the official contractor of the Championships, going on to either build or resurface almost 60 Tournament Standard pickleball courts.

In January 2020 we were invited to construct an additional 10 cushion pickleball courts at the facility. All works carried out by Mor Sports were completed on time and on budget to the complete satisfaction of the Competition Organizers, Collier County and most importantly the players.

The design brief asked for 10 new cushioned pickleball courts to be configured as two blocks of five courts. Each court would have the five layer cushion system.



This project comprised of the following:

Base Construction

The construction of the courts began with excavating, grading and compacting the sub-base. As with all of our building operations, each part of this process was carried out by machines controlled by laser, ensuring that we have a base that was uniform with the correct pitch, which was suitable for us to build the courts upon.

A bed of FDOT Limerock was then laid. Again, this stage was undertaken by our in house employees and was carried out by machines controlled by laser. Once the stone has been laser levelled and rolled firm, a compaction test was undertaken to ensure that the base was correctly compacted enough to accept the asphalt layer.

The asphalt layer was then installed onto the stone base. The S-3 Virgin asphalt was installed by a laser controlled paving machine. The receiver fitted to the paver was programmed to the correct levels to allow accurate grading of the asphalt as surface accuracy was essential.

During the asphalt curing period, the net post foundations for each court was installed. After the asphalt had cured, the cushion system was then installed.

Playing Surface installation

All of the installation of the cushion and playing system was undertaken by our own in house, trained and experienced employees.

Firstly, the asphalt pavement was checked for irregularities. To check for isolated “bird baths”, the asphalt pavement was flooded with water to check for planarity levels and to identify any low isolated areas.

Any low areas were patched and levelled and minor irregularities were attended to. To correct these minor surface irregularities, a filler coat was applied. This coat is an acrylic binder mixed with Portland cement and a sand aggregate.

Cushion and Color System

As always, the build up of the cushion system was tailored to satisfy the Clients requirements and budget. In this instance, 5 layers of cushion was installed to match the other 60+ courts.

Firstly, we installed two preparation layers of Acrylic Resurfacer to the entire area. For the next stage, we installed onto the Acrylic Resurfacer a number of layers of heavy cushion crumb. Then onto the layers of the heavy crumb, we installed layers of fine cushion crumb.

Onto the completed cushion, we then installed the textured color system. As always, the colors were chosen by the Client and matched the existing 60+ courts.

Steps Broken Down

Survey & Land Clearing – Sod / Earth Removal

Laser Grade Sub Base Install Lime Rock Base to ASBA (American Sports Builder Association) Grades & Slopes

Laser Pave Hot Asphalt Base

Install Cushion System, Acrylic Color System & Pickleball Lines

Projection Completion