During July 2014, Mor Sports received an enquiry regarding the re-surfacing of a single tennis court at the Surf Rider beach Club Resort on Sanibel Island Florida. The court had been repaired and resurfaced previously without success as cracks continued to appear. The management company were looking for something new rather than the old crack repair systems, something which would extend the life of the court without breaking the bank.

Mor Sports attended site and carried out our standard free site inspection and evaluation, which is part of our Client Services Procedures. We recommended the use of our Unique Riteway Crack Repair System to once and for all stop the cracks re-appearing. This project summary explains the use of and the installation process of Mor Sports unique crack repair system.


Surfrider Beach Club
Sanibel Island


The Riteway System
Decocolor Tennis Court Surfacing System


Surfrider Beach Club
555 East Gulf Drive
Sanibel Fl


1 Tennis Court


Structural Cracking
Paint blistering and delaminating


The works were carried out over a two week period. All the works carried out by Mor Sports were completed on time and on budget to the complete satisfaction of the Client, RAL Resort Property Management and the Community Association Manager, Jackie Mcall.


The Surfrider Resort has one single tennis court. Due to a poor standard of original construction, deep structural cracks had occurred and were visible on both the inner plying area and out of bounds areas of the court. Also, the surface suffered large areas of delamination which looked aesthetically unpleasing and created major trip hazards. These areas had been repaired previously by other companies who used the traditional method of “patch then fibre glass”. This has been proven over time to be method of repair that does not work sufficiently. Discussing the issues with the Client, they explained that the same areas had been repaired on numerous occasions previously, but the same results had occurred.


With over 25 years of working within the tennis industry, Mor sports were able to offer a unique, proven, cost effective method of effective guaranteed repair.
We proposed to:

  • Cut out and remove the delaminating areas
  • Patch and level the cracks
  • Repair the cracks using our unique “Rite Way” patching system
  • Resurface the court

Following our internal procedures, we gave the Client a full written specification and detailed breakdown of the costs to carry out the works. The Client was then offered the time and space to make a reasoned decision. We gladly provided detailed testimonials references and reference sites. After diligently checking out us and our competitors, and the Rite Way System, the Client employed us to carry out the works.


Mor Sports skilled installers arrived on site at the date and time agreed and commenced works. The Client was able to follow the exact sequence of works as we had provided a full schedule of operations so that their representative was able to monitor proceedings.

Preparation works consisted of:

  • Tearing up and removing any loose or delaminated surface material
  • Cleaning out the cracks
  • Patching/repairing the cracks using our proprietary patching material — Court Patch Binder

The next step was to repair over 180 linear feet of cracking with the Riteway system. This cost effective, proven membrane crack repair system is designed to integrate with our tennis court resurfacing color coating system and is fully guaranteed against the re-appearance of those cracks for 5 years.

For this and every other project where we have used the system, our qualified, certified expert installers repaired the court to the required standard so that when the installation was complete, the patching works were and continue to be, an invisible repair which is not affected by weather or temperature. These two factors are crucial in the unique Floridian climate.


We follow a precise installation procedure to ensure that all of the visible cracks identified to the tennis court, will not return within a 5 year window:

  • To the filled in cracks, apply the Micro sealant tape.
  • Apply the designed formula of liquid sealant.
  • Install the second stress matt.
  • Install a binding edge to complete the system.

Next, our installers cover the repaired areas with multiple layers of resurfacing material to ensure that the repairs are invisible.

As a final check, a Mor Sports representative walked the court with the Client to ensure that all visible cracks had been repaired to their entire satisfaction.

The project was then completed with the resurfacing of the court by the application of two layers of the Deco color system, the surface of the US Open since 1979. White lines were painted, the tennis net posts and a free complimentary tennis net was installed and the courts were handed over to the Client after a full and final inspection.

To complete the service, the client was then provided with a handover pack with accompanying photographs to be retained as site diary. This diary could be used in future to reference and identify any new cracks that may appear.

The 5 year warranty in which we guarantee that any visible cracks that were within the court would be repaired with the Rite Way System and would not return within that warranty period was provided.

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