Shuffleboard Court Surfaces

Shuffleboard is a game that provides hours of fun and is enjoyed by thousands of both young and old alike, It takes 10 minutes to learn and everyone is quickly catching on to the excitement of this game.

The game of Shuffleboard is popular around the world. It is truly a game for all ages and abilities that can quickly become an addictive and highly competitive sport.

The full history of shuffleboard is not known. However, records show that it has a history that goes back over 500 years.

Historically, the ancient "shovelboard", about which little is known, appears to have diverged into modern "shuffleboard", leading into the UK pub classic game of shove "ha' penny".

The game of Shuffleboard, or more precisely deck shuffleboard, (also known as shuffle-board, shovelboard, shovel-board and shove-board) is a fun game which players use broom-shaped paddles to push weighted pucks, sending them gliding down a narrow and elongated court, with the purpose of having them come to rest within a marked scoring area.

Our Shuffleboard Services

As a major supplier of shuffleboard equipment throughout the world we are willing and able to satisfy all of your shuffleboard needs.

We at Mor-Sports Group can provide you with a guaranteed, quality court, with engineered markings to allow proper shuffle board play. In addition we can provide you with all your shuffleboard accessory needs.

Our range of courts has something for all budgets and we would be please to provide you with a free quotation to either build you a shuffleboard court or refurbish your existing one.

New build

Our in-house construction team can you with provide a new shuffleboard court, without any expansion joints to spoil your enjoyment. Expansion joints can either stop, or miss-direct a shuffleboard disc, thus taking the fun out of playing shuffleboard. We know how to build the courts, using the required amount of wire mesh and rebar tied together (along with the proper sub-base) so that expansion joints are not needed.

Our Surfacing System

Mor-Sports Group's stained court is our innovative shuffleboard surface. Our proven system will give you a long-lasting, high-performance court. Our own, in-house installers will provide you with a high-quality court with the stain, sealer and wax needed.

Our system provides the players with a court that delivers: providing excellent control of discs for improved play.

We can provide you with services from new build, full resurface of a current court or a degrease and wax.

In addition, we can also provide maintenance service to ensure that your shuffleboard court remains in a first class condition. Our expert service providing care and attention will ensure that your shuffleboard court stays in first class, tournament ready condition.


In addition to the shuffleboard court, we can also provide you with everything you need to play and enjoy the game, including:

  • 4 full length resort cues
  • 8 tournament discs (4-black/4-yellow)
  • 1 plastic disc carrier and the Rule/How To Shuffleboard book

This set is specifically designed for recreational facilities, playgrounds, retirement resorts, hotels and motels, and backyards.

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